Bevo- B

Coach: Hannah Kennedy

Age Requirement: 6 – 9 years

Skill Requirement: Bevo is our entry level group, introducing young athletes to the world of competitive swimming! Through the application of drills/skills/repeating of sound, basic swimming fundamentals and race strategies, our Bevo kids are taught an appreciation of the sport from an early age! Practices last 30 minutes, twice a week for 20 classes. All four competitive strokes must be attempted for 25 yards for entry in to this group.

  • Fall Session (20 Classes) – Sept 5, 7, 12, 14, 19, 21, 26, 28, Oct 3, 5, 10, 12, 17, 19, 24, 26, 31, Nov 2, 7, 9
  • Spring Session (20 Classes) – Jan 23, 25, 30, Feb 1, 6, 8, 13, 15, 27, March 6, 8, 20, 22, 27, 29, April 3, 5, 10, 12, 17


 Junior Longhorn – JRLH

Coach: Hannah Kennedy

Age Requirement: 6 – 11 years

Skill Requirement: Swim comfortably in a 25-yard pool, swim 50 yards of freestyle & backstroke, and have some ability to swim breaststroke & butterfly.

Junior Longhorns will learn the fundamentals of competitive swimming including: proper technique of the four competitive strokes, racing starts, turns and reading the pace clocks. Fun, yet, structured practices focus on building the foundations of fast swimming. Low-key competition will be available when the swimmer is ready.

Entry into the Junior Longhorn group requires an invitation following a successful tryout with the Longhorn Aquatics staff.

9 volunteer points required

Longhorn – LH

Coach: Hannah Kennedy

Age Requirement: 7 – 12 years

Skill Requirement: This group is proficient and legal in all four strokes, has ability to do starts and turns, properly read the pace clock and regularly participates in meets.

Longhorns will have a primary emphasis on continuing education of proper stroke technique and racing skills while building leadership skills. Training begins to elevate according to ability to build the proper background for future success as a maturing athlete. Swimmers will begin to focus on accomplishing time standards, such as C-B-BB and A.

Entry into the Longhorn program requires recommendations from both the Longhorn and Junior Longhorn coaches.

13 volunteer points required

Longhorn Elite- LHE

Coach: Bryce Bohman

Age Requirement: 9 – 11 years

Skill Requirement: The Longhorn Elite group will build endurance with challenging kicking and swim practices. Swimmers will learn about strong stroke mechanics, race strategy in practice and applying it to competition, as well as being leaders among the teams. Swimmers’ goals will be to point their season towards annual championship meets. Travel to meets should be a consideration.

24 volunteer points required


 Senior Longhorn – SRLH


Age Requirement: 11-14 years

Skill Requirement: Levels vary from proficiency in all four strokes to learning the basics.

The Senior Longhorn group is developmentally appropriate, teaching the fundamentals of competitive swim racing and training. Practices will put an emphasis on kicking and proper stroke mechanics to build the foundation of fast swimming in all four strokes. Training will begin to elevate as the focus builds to annual end of season meets, and success as a senior level swimmer

28 volunteer points required

Age Group Elite – AGE

Coach: David Hughes

Age Requirement: 11 – 14 years

Skill Requirement: Minimum 11-12 TAGS standards and/or 13-14 A-time standards, proficiency in all four strokes, ability to swim 2 hour competitive practices at A-time intervals, commitment to regular practice attendance.

Age Group Elite is the top level of the age-group experience at TXLA. Athletes are aiming for the highest local and state competitions in the 11-12 & 13-14 age groups, with goals of elevating to a national level in the future. STAGS and TAGS are their focus meets for each season. This group continues to build endurance through strong stroke mechanics, kicking and race strategy execution. Athletes are beginning to develop ownership of their swimming through daily preparation and performance, which will lay the foundation for senior level swimming. Attendance should be considered necessary on a daily basis to accomplish their goals.

28 volunteer points required

 Senior – SR

Coach: Mike Laitala

Assistant Coach: Samantha Tucker

Age Requirement: 14 and older

Skill Requirement: Levels vary depending on developmental background and experience level. Group is multi-sport appropriate.

The Senior group represents the beginning of top-level training at TXLA.   It accommodates a number of backgrounds for our high school aged athletes as commitment levels and schedule limitations may vary. The group is focused on solidifying swimming as a lifelong sport and using competitive swimming as an outlet to reach athletic goals. Commitment to personal goals and developing a consistent schedule necessary to accomplish in a lifestyle sport.is the norm in this group.  Skill acquisition, goal setting, and building fitness to support race performance are the main training premises, while executing race strategies, learning from performance results, and evaluating the learning process is the primary experience in competition at the Senior level.  Target meets for the Senior Group include High School State, Regionals, Districts, STAGS, Sectionals, and Zones. The Senior group offers a pathway to prepare for the National group, advance levels of success, and compete on numerous swimming stages.


34 volunteer points required


National/Elite – N/E

Head Coach: Mike Laitala

Age Requirement: 14 and older

Skill Requirement: Sectionals time standards and above required

The National/Elite group represents the highest level of training at TXLA. This group is highly exclusive. Before becoming a member of the team, athletes must receive a letter of invitation from the Head Coach. National/Elite athletes accept the challenge of being team leaders and acknowledges their role as the face of the program on the largest stages in the sport. They must commit to representing the team with honor and class at all times. National/Elite members have established ownership of their goals and accept accountability toward the process of training for them by exhibiting the highest levels of commitment to their preparation and performance. Athletes’ goals include achievements at Sectionals, Junior Nationals, Nationals, Olympic Trials and beyond. Travel each season is expected of all athletes.

40 volunteer points required

College Swimming

This program runs during the university’s summer and winter breaks and serves former Longhorn Aquatics members who want to continue training when their teams are not holding regular practices. It is also available to other visiting college swimmers but only on a special basis. Each swimmer must receive approval from the current coaches. Contact the Business Office for registration details and fees: 512-471-7703.


Join TXLA Age-Group Swimming Checklist


  • Schedule a Try-Out*

  • Register Online

  • Provide proof of USA Swimming membership*

  • Submit a physical completed in the past 24 months, or a signed physician’s authorization form

*Try-outs must be scheduled with Hannah Kennedy.  NOTE: Please wait for an email response/confirmation before arriving for your try-out.


*All TXLA swimming members MUST be registered with USA Swimming. A copy of your current USA Swimming member card, or completion of the USA Swimming registration form online is required for all TXLA members.