Donate & Support Longhorn Aquatics Athletes

Community support for the Longhorn Aquatics program is an important part of sustaining our efforts to impact young athletes and their training for success. Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, Longhorn Aquatics plans to continue expanding training equipment, development of coaches and initiatives for present and future achievement!

Ongoing Donations

Financial donations support Longhorn Aquatics initiatives and assist the program in maintaining a culture of excellence.

Your athletes' coach(es) have compiled a list of items that will help maximize the athletic potential of our swimmers, divers and water polo players:

Swimming Equipment Needs

  • StretchCordz (12) $360 total
  • StretchCordz Long Belts $62.95/ea
  • TheraBands $13.95/ea
  • MedBalls $60/ea
  • TRX Suspension Trainers $150-$200/ea

Diving Equipment Needs

  • Black Foam Rollers (4) $100 total
  • Elastic Bands $140 total
  • iPad for video replay $600
  • Software for diving laptop to review film $300-$2000
  • Spotting Banners $300

Water Polo Equipment Needs

  • Water Polo balls
  • Water Polo ball bag
  • Set of caps
  • Floating goals
  • Goal sieve

A financial donation of any amount can be made specifically to any of these items. All donations are 100% tax deductible.

Any donation large or small helps! Giving matters! Hook ‘em!